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Integrated Print Solutions Acquires OnePrint the IBM Host-to-Enterprise Printing Platform

Integrated Print Solutions. L.C. is pleased to announce the aquisition of OnePrint, the IBM legacy print integration management platform.

Richardson, TX (PRWEB) December 22, 2011

Integrated Print Solutions. L.C. (IPS), the premier provider of IBM host-to-enterprise printing solutions, is pleased to announce it has acquired OnePrint, the architecturally superior solution for seamless, economical printing in any computing environment.

OnePrint is a middleware, server-based solution that allows IBM host-generated documents (AFP/IPDS) to be printed on standard and inexpensive printers throughout a company, regardless of computing environments.

IPS has distributed OnePrint products since 1998 and became the sole distributor of OnePrint G2 for Windows in 2005. In taking ownership of the entire OnePrint line, IPS can ensure its clients will have continued access to its liberating, print-anywhere-anytime abilities. Many large organizations such as The GAP, RadioShack, Liz Claiborne and Volvo have implemented the OnePrint solution because it supports any laser, inkjet and impact/serial printers, thus making it highly cost effective.

IPS President Julian Leibowitz says, “Integrated Print Solutions is forever linked to sustainability, and we are focused on developing and distributing intelligent print solutions that are reliable and cost effective. In particular, our efforts to significantly improve the IBM host-to-enterprise printing infrastructure allow our company to focus our priorities on leveraging the existing corporate printing resources without a heavy technological upgrade and an extensive financial impact. With the purchase of OnePrint platform, IPS has an opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in several critical areas, including the IBM cloud printing and smart devices printing apps. Today’s business environment requires reliable and cost effective products complemented by a very high standard of customer service. IPS and OnePrint technology will go the distance towards providing the best practices in IBM printing integration, ultimately setting the standards for the best customer experience”.

OnePrint was created in 1992 and developed by LogNet-Systems, a pioneer and leading developer in PC-to-host connectivity and Web-enabling solutions. The software based product was hailed as revolutionary in its ability to provide both IPDS print stream conversion and print stream redirection, which freed employees to distribute legacy documents on widely distributed printers via local area networks.

Integrated Print Solutions is a privately held, Richardson, Texas-based firm, founded in 1998 and specializing in mainframe and mid-range system-to-enterprise printing, remote user networking, and Web-to-host connectivity solutions. The company markets a range of products throughout North America that permit organizations with legacy systems to maximize data access and resolve productivity issues. IPS provides full technical support and maintenance for its customer base. For more information, visit


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