OnePrint G2 for Windows™ - Features

Supports Multiple Hosts
A single OnePrint G2 can be connected over TCP/IP to a large number of IBM Mainfrane and Midrange systems (AS/400).
Integrates IBM Hosts
and LAN/WAN Networks
Provides a single printing management solution from TCP/IP host to enterprise printers via Windows® Operating Systems.
Communicates with Enterprise Printer
No need to invest in printers. OnePrint G2 works with your existing Windows® pre-difined LAN/WAN attached printers.
Modularity Easily upgradable to more printers support, without the need to re-install the software.
Supports Multiple Network Operating Systems
Routes AFP/IPDS documents via Windows® to any LAN/WAN attached ASCII printer.
Supports Popular
Networking Protocols
Powerful networking capabilities over TCP/IP, and NetBEUI, allowing printer connectivity anywhere in the world (via LAN/WAN), providing true end-to-end IPDS communication.
Supports a Full Range
of ASCII Printers
Delivers AFP/IPDS host documents to any LAN/WAN attached printer - whatever the printer, the results are the same.
  • Laser: PCL, Postscript, CAPSL
  • Inkjet: PCL Level 3
  • Matrix: Epson
Cost Effective
Leverages your investment in client-server technology by using existing LAN/WAN printers for IPDS documents, saving the cost of expensive IPDS printers.
Remote Management
Provides remote control with the efficiency of a client-server application. Superior Web based management and control capabilities over TCP/IP.
Intranet Monitoring
Platform independent monitoring. Allows your system administrator to manage the OnePrint G2 Console via the Intranet, using a standard Web Browser.


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